About Us

There are hundred of reasons why you should prefer buying from Ar-online Store while shopping online. One of the basic and important reasons behind that is its reliability as it has been rated as one of the safest and reliable options by the masses while shopping online. People at AR-online Store have always taken care of their customers because they believe the real wealth is their customers. There are several services at our Store that actually no other online or physical store offers.

7 Days Replacement Warranty:

One such service is 7 days replacement warranty on Smartphones that no other online store or physical store offers in the whole country. This service not only provides the cushion for people’s hard earned money spent on expensive gadgets but also goes on to show how much Home Shopping Pakistan care for its customers. The service is pretty realistic and has been used by various customers as they are able to return the phone on noticing a single minor scratch on the phone they have bought a day earlier. People cherish this service mainly because of satisfaction that their hard earned money is well invested and that’s why they prefer Ar-Online Store Network especially while buying Smartphones.

Price Beating Policy:

Now this is one policy that at least I am sure nobody offers and that is “Price Beating Policy.” Well this should answer to all the questions that must be wandering through your head by now. As the name of the policy suggests, Ar-online Store Pakistan is dedicated and committed in providing you the best service and that too at a price that no one can beat. If you find a price of any product that is in stock at any online store but is priced on a little higher side at aronlinestore.com then you can always share the link of that online store and aronlinestore.com will happily beat that price for you and will sell you to even lower price than the other online store is selling for.

Never Ending Inventory:

Ar-online Store Pakistan has one of the biggest inventories that has products under different categories like mobile phones, Apple products, tablets, televisions, cameras, watches, laptops, games & consoles and many more. Well its like Ar-Online Store has almost every other product, you name them and they have it.